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Kellie Dubbed Steve Harvey's “Favorite Guest”

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Steve Harvey had fiery country artist and star of CMT’s I Love Kellie Pickler, return Tuesday, Oct. 11 to recap having “one of his favorite contestants” on Family Feud and discuss a favorite app and most recent tattoo celebrating her and her husband, Kyle Jacobs’ marriage.

During the interview, Harvey played the viral clip of Pickler’s appearance on Family Feud, where the country-music charmer was so excited she scared the chatty host speechless, before sitting down with her. After watching the clip from CMT’s I Love Kellie Pickler showing the Platinum-certified “Best Days of Your Life” singer getting a meaningful tattoo —  her wedding date in Roman numerals on her forearm in Jacobs’ handwriting — the bubbly Dancing With The Stars winner explained how she likes the feeling of getting tattoos. 

After purposefully calling her Kellie “Pichler” to poke fun at his recent name-announcement mishap, Harvey hilariously segued into discussing the app that helps Kellie and Steve with the pronunciation and definition of new vocabulary. The two larger-than-life personalities took turns taking a stab at different words while the live audience erupted with laughter. The comical talk show host wrapped the interview by calling the southern personality his “favorite guest.” 

Don’t miss the Steve Harvey digital extra, Random Questions with Kellie Pickler  where she answers fun questions such as, “Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?”

Kellie Pickler Visits With Ellen DeGeneres, Talks Docu-Comedy, Travel and A Few Surprises

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In anticipation of CMT’s hour-long special, I Love Kellie Pickler’s “I Love Japan” episode, airing this Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Kellie gets candid sharing behind-the-scenes stories from her time in Tokyo with Ellen DeGeneres on today’s show (Tuesday, Sept. 27). 

Thursday’s episode finds Kellie and Kyle fulfilling Kellie’s childhood dream of being an exchange student as they travel across the world to Tokyo, Japan to live with the Asada family in the heart of the city. They explore the town and learn all about Japanese culture, customs and practices. From hedgehog cafes, to navigating the subway, tasting the authentic cuisine and attempting to speak Japanese - Kellie and Kyle have the adventure of a lifetime.

“This show is about laughter and love,” shares Kellie. “It’s all positive and all about our family and friends and our crazy adventures. We just want to be a bright light and make people laugh and feel good.”

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